Adorable Friends


Milo&Gabby was created by a wife 'Karen' and husband 'Steve' team of product designers inspired by their two belovd family pets, puppy 'Milo' and bunny 'Gabby'.

Beyond simple pillow or cushion, a childhood best friend buddy Milo&Gabby lead our child to have a good night's sleep.




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Baby Fashion Leader

Kinderspel was born from the concern that pursues precious value for your baby takes first step toward new world.

Baby fashion brand kinderspel develops creativity and genuineness, and our top quality and safety will grant value to your adorable child.





Where Dreams Blossom

Sagepole was created from the motive that kids love their own space by remembering the cozy feeling when they were in mommy tummy. 

By offering an independent and emotional place for your kids, Sagepole will guide our child to have an illimitable imagination.